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Peretz, Chesal & Herrmann Intellectual Property Law Miami FL



PROPEL (People Reaching Out to Provide Education and Leadership) strives to act as a catalyst for sustained positive change in the lives of communities and families by establishing collaborative partnerships with businesses, community organizations, services providers and government agencies. PROPEL strengthens and stabilizes the functioning of those at risk from becoming homeless through a variety of multifaceted services and accessing levels of education to provide G.E.D. preparation classes for high school drop-outs, by providing intervention and crime prevention, and providing avenues to prevent technical and financial illiteracy. If you or someone you know fits this description, and need PROPEL'S guidance to a better future, don't hesitate to call PROPEL today!

PROPEL | 2500 NW 5th Ave, Boca Raton FL, 33431 | 561.955.8553 | Web

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